Wednesday, November 7, 2012

25 Days of Christmas Mini Album Classes

Hello to my lovely crafty friends!!

Have you ever wanted to do a '25 days of Christmas' mini album and just didn't know where to start, or have you started one and not finished it, so therefore you don't want to start another?

This year i'm going to be running a series of workshops to put together a '25 days of Christmas' mini album. I've done one the last 2 years, and it's a fabulous keepsake, especially capturing all the little things that the kids say and do and traditions that you are developing in your family.
The workshops would be in my Springfield home at the same time once a week from the last week in November to the first week in January (excluding the week of Christmas), so we can start the album early and put the finishing touches on it in Jan!! I'm thinking a weeknight might be good.
The total cost is $100, and a $50 deposit would be required to book so i can go ahead and order some things straight away. I'm going to do it, regardless of how many people i get interested, but the more people i have, the better the class will be. So, if you're keen get some friends along too - that way you'll get more split between you all to play with!! All materials will be provided for this price and it will be over 5 classes. If you miss a class, or can't make it to the classes at all - even if you're interstate - i can send you the class instructions weekly via email :D You'll just have to pay about $10 extra for postage.
I'll be using the new Sn@p! albums which you can choose the colour of - Brown, Green or Orange. I'll have to order them pretty soon to make sure i have them all for the workshops though. I think Brown will work best with what i have in mind, so that's what i'll be ordering for myself :D
You can see an example of my album from last year in this online album, but this years one will be a bit different, with the divided pocket pages - and the album it comes in will make it much more finished too :D
I really hope to get this one going, and i'd like to order the albums this week if possible. I'll also set up a private facebook page for the members of the class so we can keep contact with each other and i can give you extra little hints as we go along!!
If you are keen for this class, drop me a line at and i'll get you started with this awesome and very exciting project!!!

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