Thursday, February 28, 2013

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!!!

Well, my 200 likers giveaway turned into a 300 likers giveaway - WOW!!!!!! As a HUGE thanks to everyone who entered, i'd like to offer you all 20% off an orders emailed through to me by the end of the weekend :D

So, i did the draw this morning (with the help of my cute little cousin)

And the winners are:

Jenelle Smith, with a size 2 pillowslip dress & Jade Pages with size 4 shorts!!

I can't wait to start on these items :D I need the winners to contact me via email asap.

Look forward to rewarding you all with a 20% discount this weekend. Get hunting in my fabric album and decide what you would like me to make!! I'll also be uploading some corduroy for a few winter outfits over the weekend too :D 

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